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R.O.A.S Intensive with Nicholas Kusmich

Discover How To Use The 3C CAP Process to Get Even More Qualified Leads and Convert Those Leads Into Clients At Will Without Fancy Funnels, Outdated Marketing, or Complicated Processes.

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CHANEL Effect 50% OFF From $197 to only $98.50

How To Create Preeminence In Your Marketplace
(So you can charge premium fees while having people chase you down to do business with you)


You will get the full 72 minute CHANEL EFFECT  training...

  • The 3 Specific Steps to create preeminent positioning in your marketplace so you are seen as the leading authority in your space 
  • How to create an irresistible desire for your brand / business / products  so customers flock to you with cash in hand and without objections 
  • The 1 principle EVERY high-end brand uses to create 'luxury.' 
  • How to create 'instant celebrity status' in your market for instant credibility and lower resistance to your offers  
  • Secrets to Premium Pricing and so much more... 
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Behind Closed Doors - Mastermind Training Bundle 95% OFF

 Training delivered by Nicholas Kusmich behind closed doors at some of the most exclusive Masterminds including: 

The Genius Network Annual Event - $10,000 per ticket event

Where you'll discover

  • How to be a leading authority using the Ogilvy Orbits
  • What Stellar Artois (the beer company) teaches us about targeting
  • What to NEVER do with your ads
    and so much more...

    Digital Marketer's WarRoom - $35,000 Mastermind
    Where I reveal the ROI Maximizer & Scaling Matrix
  • Why to NEVER run ads just to your offer... and how to incorporate 3 levels of campaigns to maximize your ROAS
  • Why simply raising your budgets to scale will sabotage your whole campaign
  • The only ad type to be running to your cart
    and so much more...

    Brian Kurtz's Titans Mastermind - $22,000 Mastermind
    So you can discover the Predictable Profit Process
  • Why you should NEVER sell directly on Facebook
  • How to position your offer for immediate desire
  • The 4 elements to include in your lead magnet to make it a SALES tool and not just a good lead generator
    and so much more...

    JJ Virgin's Mindshare Mastermind - $25,000 Mastermind
    Where I case study JJ's funnel and how we increase sales by 23%
  • The lead magnet change to get 7x more leads
  • 3 words to turn any sentence into a sales tool
  • How to get people to by within 6 mins or less
    and so much more...

    Dr. Isaac Jones EPIC Mastermind - $25,000 Mastermind
    5+ hour workshop teaching everything you need to sell more online

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